1991 KLEIN ATTITUDE Team Race Dolomite – Old School Mt. Bike – Immaculate collector’s piece – $1750 ~~SOLD~~

Here it is!  Arguably the most collectible of the old school Mt. bikes, the sought after Klein Attitude Team Race.  These bikes are very hard to find, in this condition almost unheard of.

This thing is awesome. If you have a mountain house this bike would make a great piece of collector decor. Or however you’re a collector this makes a fine piece in any collection. It’s a museum quality bike.

The bike is basically mint. It shows very little mileage, essentially never ridden, and is clean all around. There are a very few very small pieces of evidence suggesting that someone rode it maybe a couple of times.… I can’t even call it “wear”. Only slight evidence that it has been ridden at all, or has even existed for 24 years.  There is hardly any brake wear on the rims.

The only piece on the bike that I can identify as not original are the tires. These bikes came with Tioga Skinwalls from the dealer, to the best of my research. I’m not sure if the Oury grips are original either.  The rest of the bike has the complete and spotlessly clean Deore XT 21 speed group with Dia Compe 986 canti brakes.  The wheels are Deore XT hubs laced to Ritchey Advantage Comp rims.

I’m not sure of the sizes that these were offered in, specifically, but this bike is very consistent with a size Large and/or 18” range.  The seat tube measures 16” center to center and 19” center to top.

This is the real deal. USA made top of the line Klein Team bike in immaculate condition.

Serious inquiries only!  We will ship this bike to the right buyer ($95 FedEx ground) but we will settle for no less than legitimate phone communication and direct Paypal payment. No Nigerian Princes!

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